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Dataware Group focuses on Specialized Cyber-Security, Big Data, SWIFT Security & Compliance and SWIFT related offerings. We develop tailor-made software solutions for key industries, such as Banks, Financial Services firms, Insurance and Telecommunications companies.  

Our company lives and breathes machine data. Our technical team of experts can help you take control of your data and discover a world of opportunity, right under your fingers.


Although we pride ourselves in being vendor agnostic, for big data analytics and operational intelligence we use Splunk. As Resellers and Managed Service Providers of Splunk we can fuel your data transformation with customised tools that offer real-time insights and security.  


With AI/ML, Dataware identifies where value lies within your dark data. By correlating separated silos of machine data in your existing software infrastructure we can uncover the insights which will help you move your business to the next level.



Dataware Group can analyse your environment and consult on an array of sectors; predominantly on security infrastructure, SWIFT security, CSP readiness, cloud services and big data analytics. Our experience in the field will direct your digital transformation to optimised security and valuable insights through your machine data. 


Our team of experts will custom design the nerve centre of your organisation’s security ecosystem, giving your team the insight to quickly detect and respond to internal and external attacks, simplify threat management minimizing risk. We will help you gain organization-wide visibility and security intelligence for continuous monitoring, incident response, SOC operations, and providing executives a window into business risk. Our solutions include:


- Splunk Enterprise Security

- SOC operations and implementation

- The StrongRoom

Real-Time Operational Intelligence

Machine-generated data is one of the most valuable assets of any modern organisation, containing a definitive record of everything that goes on in your organisation, from user transactions to customer behaviour to machine behaviour to security threats and fraudulent activity. Dataware Group can help take control of your data and you turn it into valuable insights no matter what business you're in. It's what we call Operational Intelligence.

Security Education, Training and awareness (SETA)

Our SETA program helps businesses to educate and inform their employees about basic network security issues and expectations—helping to prevent commonplace cybersecurity mistakes that lead to damaging data breaches.


Training process:

- Define network security education goals

-Assess overall knowledge

- Develop SETA program based on Critical issues

- Implement SETA program

Real-Time IoT from Industrial Data

Dataware Group will custom design a solution that will help your team visualise asset performance metrics and build dashboards with click and drag functionality.

SWIFT solutions

Dataware group provides the following SWIFT related services and solutions:

- CSP assessment

- GAP analysis

-SWIFT self-attestation guidance and consultancy

-SWIFT infrastructure architecture redesign

- SWIFT advanced reporting and payments consolidation

- Advanced Payment Analytics, a specialised AI/ML tool for reporting, analytics and correlation. 

- AST, the only modular third-party solution offering ultimate out-of-the-box security between SWIFT and back office/legacy systems using traditional FT, MQ or SOAP


The StrongRoom

Enter the StrongRoom, a unique tailor made end-to-end solution allowing customers to have one point of contact with only one partner to establish, to support and maintain SWIFT infrastructure security.

Strongroom at a glance

  • End-to-end innovative and unique solution

  • Full protection of SWIFT critical infrastructure

  • Always up-to-date with latest compliance standards

  • Fault tolerant operation to ensure business continuity

  • Disaster recovery

  • Systems hardening

  • Taking the guesswork out of compliance and critical infrastructure security


  • Complete isolation of SWIFT critical infrastructure

  • Compliance with SWIFT CSP / CSCF

  • Unique, end-to-end, turnkey solution

  • Outside-the-box approach

  • Constant protection independent of evolution of cyberthreats

  • Ring-fencing of both back-office and payment instructions


SWIFT infrastructure is vulnerable and member institutions have imminent compliance and core business safeguarding requirements.

A unique solution

DataWare Group caters to the CSP/CSCF obligation with the StrongRoom; a proven turnkey solution that employs a combination of multiple technologies, customized around the SWIFT critical infrastructure and built with in-depth knowledge of SWIFT systems, to ensure a protected and compliant environment.

Crafted with outside-the-box thinking to conform to current requirements and to ensure constant protection independent of the evolution of cyber threats. With experience and expertise in SWIFT infrastructure, we ensure that both the automated back-office system and manual payment instructions are ring-fenced. 

Compliance for multiple frameworks & regulations

• ISO/IEC 27001/27002


Key Differentiators

  • Heavily customized components around SWIFT

  • Unique SWIFT expertise and experience

  • 1 vendor and point of contact

  • Outside the box thinking

Advanced Payment Analytics

Advanced Payment Analytics

Advanced Payment Analytics is a specialised AI/ML based reporting, correlation, analytics and  visualisation tool around SWIFT, in order to provide:

  • Real-time transaction monitoring and analytics

  • On demand and automated reports

  • Holistic situation awareness / overview

  • Predictive analytics capabilities

  • The ability to detect abnormal events and messaging trends

  • Better response time to client and customer requests (customer satisfaction and retention)

  • Significantly lower MTTR on problems and enquiries (cost and time saving)

Advanced Payment Analytics compatibility

  • Can work with traditional payment systems, ad-hoc payment systems and blockchain


  • SEPA

  • Moneygram

  • Western Union

  • Ripple

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